Health & Social Care

Transforming Health & Social Care For All

Give back the time to do more of the work that matters.

Totalmobile is at the forefront of enabling and transforming health and social care by focusing on patients instead of the unnecessary tasks that reduce efficiency and the provision of care. Our solutions are designed to free your clinical staff and care workers to focus on where they can be most effective and improve the quality of care for your service users. 

Focus on Patients Not Paperwork

Your care professionals are a key resource and play a critical role in the lives of their patients.  Our solutions support and empower your care professionals by eliminating cumbersome paperwork, providing Best Practice forms in community care, streamlining and standardising care processes and removing systems that stifle the recording and sharing of patient information.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Our solutions remove the burden of hunting for information, poorly scheduled visits, and using systems that hinder the recording of patient information. We equip care professionals, regardless of connectivity, with the right information, at the right time, enabling them to deliver care more efficiently and to a higher standard, providing them with increased job satisfaction as they do more of the work that matters.

More Time to Care

Our solution provides the ability to drill into underlying data collected by care professionals to draw insights in a way like never before. Those insights are key to unlocking greater transparency and increased productivity, helping staff release capacity and maximise their own efficiency. Furthermore, by streamlining the transfer of care and discharges from hospitals to local authorities or independent organisations, they too can achieve greater productivity. 

The Missing Link in the Future of Healthcare Delivery

Totalmobile commissioned this paper as part of our research in the healthcare market, to enable us to gain detailed knowledge of the challenges and pressures staff face.

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Key Features of our Solution

Enabling health and social care for mobile workers is something we are passionate about; we have created essential features that will transform how they work, benefitting staff, service users and patients.

  • Forms

    Our smart mobile forms and workflows can be easily configured to work around the patient and the health care professional. Our forms reduce data entry time by up to 60% and allow your staff to complete more tasks in less time. Time that results in more quality care for patients.

  • Connectivity

    When your mobile care staff are working in remote locations, connectivity can become a real issue and impede providing the highest level of patient care. With our solutions, there is no need to worry. Our offline functionality allows you to continue on without interruption, the data is kept secure until connectivity is restored and then seamlessly syncs to your back-office system.

  • Dashboard

    Our solutions make clinically inputted data work towards the improvement of care. Deep dive into the world of big data, where nothing remains hidden. All data captured at the point of care is harvested and surfaces in real time, role based dashboards, where it can be harnessed by healthcare professionals for the benefit of the patient to inform care planning, and provide insights to inform the best practice delivery of care.

  • Folio

    Our “virtual cabinet” provides quick context-based access to supportive patient information taken from various systems and agencies to ensure care professionals can make informed decisions throughout the patient’s experience, as well as at the point of care. The patient can enjoy the benefits of seeing up-to-date, visual information on their care, giving them a complete view of their health.

  • Visits

    Our best practice enabled workflows ensure that every click on our solutions counts and is in line with compliance. It helps to prompt and remind care professionals to complete all required documentation and activities during the visit, ensuring best practice. This is essential in improving the quality of care patients receive and in making the best decisions with up-to-date information.


Customer Success Stories


Discover how Totalmobile’s mobile workforce management solutions have transformed the daily lives of care workers in the field, enabling them to do more of the work that matters – caring for people.