Digital Workforce Management for Social Care

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per annum per employee in travel savings


reduction in outsourced and agency staff

Carrying out a range of crucial tasks in the field, your care teams and social workers need to ensure that they have all the most up to date information at their fingertips. From Adult and Children’s Services to Home and Integrated care – your teams are handling sensitive information and need to be confident in the security of any solution you provide.

By using Totalmobile, your care and social work teams can be sure they are operating with the latest information – with records updated automatically when details are captured in the field. This means they can undertake their job, confident that they have access to the best information available. Totalmobile also has a range of security measures in place, meaning service user information can only be accessed by the relevant Care professional.


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Deploying the very latest technology to frontline colleagues is helping them to rise to the challenge of helping more customers and saving money. Less time spent travelling means more time to meet customers. And we’re able to cut our reliance on relief and agency cover, reducing our costs still further.